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Importance Of Moisturizer

Importance Of Moisturizer

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It is that time of the year winters will be coming and we don’t realize the harmful effects winters can cause to our skin. There are people who apply moisturizer after a dry patch appear on the skin or when the lips chaps and then there are people who take very good care of the skin irrespective of climate, hectic lifestyle or time constraint. The difference among them is the one who love their skin takes care of it.Beautiful skin is the reflection of our inner happiness.

It is very important to moisturize the skin because we eat food for energy similarly our skin requires moisture to stay healthy. A moisturizer gives hydration, suppleness and natural glow to the skin. Due to lack of moisture our skin looses the natural bridge to hold and fine lines start appearing. One
thing to note is that moisture cannot be hold for longer time so you need to feed moisture on regular intervals. Our skin naturally has water reservoirs to provide moisture to skin. Due to stress, hectic lifestyle and improper care these water reservoirs start depleting. A good moisturizer contains ingredients to provide moisture, form barrier to prevent moisture loss, boost the water
reservoirs of the skin.


Due to malls skin care market has grown over the years.There are brands like LA Prairie, Estee lauder, Channel, Clinique,Clarins, Shiseido, Elizabeth Arden, Kiehl’s, Dermalogica, Lakme, Ponds, Olay and the list goes on.There are various types of moisturizer’s in market. Basic ones are Day time, night time moisturizers for hydration, radiance, hydration with sun protection and Advanced moisturizers include hydration with line prevention,moisturizers with pep-tides for reducing wrinkles, moisturizers with retinol, AHA’s, BHA’s for cellular renewal.You need to determine your skin requirements and skin type to choose the perfect moisturizer.

You can prefer moisturizer by the texture. Oily skin can choose gel based or water based moisturizer , one who has combination skin can go for emulsion or light textured moisturizer whereas dry skin can opt for rich cream moisturizer.


At young age you can select basic moisturizers as your skin requirements are hydration and protection but as you age you will face skin concerns which can be resolved with advanced moisturizers. If you are starting with any skincare make sure you start with basic moisturizer. If you have sensitive skin or have doubts about products ask for samples. There are skin experts and beauty advisers in brands who can guide you through selecting moisturizer for your skin.

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