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TotalSecure+ – More Than Insurance

TotalSecure+ – More Than Insurance

by Samiksha Khapre

Hi Friends,

We are close to the end of Financial year and as to save Tax I usually consider PPF, NSC and insurance policy. This time, however for insurance policy I thought to do some kind of research work. Being a mother of two children, I wanted not just an insurance policy, but a policy which gives protection to me and is secured for my little ones. A plan that gives dual benefits.

I would like to share a couple of incidents which I experienced, one of my office colleague met with a road accident and I was so shivered by her sudden death as life is so unpredictable. We eat healthy food, exercise, have a safe lifestyle but you never know what’s in your destiny. Also, I was so worried for her child’s future. Seriously Insurance Policy can be so helpful and a God Saviour at this time.

One of my neighbouring uncle passed away due to Heart attack. He was the bread earner for the family. His wife had a hard time to pick up a job and give the necessary lifestyle to her kids. The kids who once used to have a pretty good lifestyle, go for outings suddenly had to sacrifice as the high income had stopped thus devastating the whole family. At that time, I decided to have an insurance policy beneficial for my kids to sustain the lifestyle which they now have.

Since I am in my Thirties, I have noticed the changes in my body which restrict me from my routine and make me realize that the stress can make me susceptible to various unforeseen illness which might create a hurdle in my life span. Had it been my neighbour was treated during a heart attack, he could have been with us.

Like I said in the beginning, any product which gives you multiple benefits are most welcomed today. There are people who have separate policy of insurance and medical coverage. But a policy which gives both the benefits is my requirement.

As I was researching Insurance policies, I got one of the Best term plans.

TotalSecure+ by Edelweiss Tokio Life was like a custom-made plan for my need.

It’s a perfect comprehensive protection plan which gives me the dual benefit of Life cover and Critical illness cover.

It gave me various options to choose from:

1: Designing the Plan-

Option 1: Life Cover.

Option 2: Life Cover with ‘Basic Health Cover’ – Covers 7 Critical Illnesses Benefit.

1. Cancer of specified severity (malignant tumor)

2. First Heart Attack – of Specified Severity

3. Surgery to aorta

4. Open Chest CABG

5. Kidney Failure Requiring Regular Dialysis

6. Major Organ/ Bone Marrow Transplant (as recipient)

7. Stroke resulting in permanent symptoms

Option 3: Life Cover with ‘Comprehensive Health Cover’ – Covers 35 Critical Illnesses.

This helps us to combat health issues. Who knows what your health might be in your 60’s. With our busy schedule, fast food has become a part of our life. Right food diets are very difficult to maintain this can give rise to many diseases. It is for us so that we do not have to rely on our children’s income for any critical illness.

2: Depending on the requirement:

Benefit Option 1: Base Sum Assured; or Benefit Options 2 and 3: Base Sum Assured and Critical Illness Sum Assured.

3: Choosing the Policy Term (duration of insurance coverage) and the Premium Payment Term (duration for which I need to pay the premiums) as per my need and convenience. I have the choice of paying throughout the Policy Term (Regular Pay) or for a shorter period (Limited Pay) or only once at the beginning of the Policy (Single Pay). The Policy Term is available till age 80 for Option 1 and till age 75 for Option 2 & 3.

4: Choose death benefit payment mode options as ‘Lump sum’ or ‘Regular Income’ or a Lump sum plus Regular Income. If I opt for regular income, I can decide the period for which my nominee would receive the benefits, i.e. over 3, 5, 10 or 15 years. I can also choose whether I want equal monthly payout or increasing monthly payouts.

Summing up the Benefits of Edelweiss Tokio Life – TotalSecure+

· Flexible premium paying term

· Accelerated critical illness benefit

· Tax benefits

· Regular death benefits payment mode

So with TotalSecure+ I have to pay minimal premium amount, but now I am relieved as there is cover for my Critical illness and my family is secured in case anything unfortunate happens to me.