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Aquarius – Hydration drink review

Aquarius – Hydration drink review-

Guest Post by Ajit

Dear Friends

Yesterday I received a free sample of the Aquarius energy drink at Infinity mall Malad. Curious to know how it would taste, I tried Aquarius. It is an instant hydration drink.

A handy bottle with comfortable grip. Costing just Rs.30 for 400 ml. We lose salt and minerals in our daily chores of life. This causes dehydration and lack of energy and concentration.

Aquarius contains minerals, such as potassium and calcium, also includes antioxidants, which helps to detoxify our body as oxidative stress is a major factor which hampers our performance as well as our body parts including our appearance. It provides the energy of up to 24 Kcal/100 i.e., up to 96 Kcal in 400 ml. Instant energy which keeps you hydrated.

Very essential for people who are fitness freaks, Proactive lifestyle and for One’s who are into marketing or fieldwork as they have to travel a lot and are at risk of dehydration. Our body contains 75% water, hence we need to keep it replenished and we cannot afford to carry a bulky water bottle while we are on the go. Better to have an energy drink handy when we feel low or thirsty rather than opt for a Neembu pani at roadside stalls. Aquarius is a better hygienic choice.

The taste is a mix of lemon and soda with some sweetness in it. Aquarius does not have bitter taste usually which you get in lemon flavoured drinks. After having Aquarius I felt satisfied, I was energized and refreshed and could work some more till lunch time without having that distraction when you’re feeling hungry, it also has minerals which made me feel replenished. Very essential drink during summers. Instantly energies.

Overall Aquarius is a good energy drink at reasonable prices. Worth investing for better gains!