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Hi Friends,

With the new Generation technology is growing in leaps and bounds, when I was a kid we had box TV, bulky computers, radio later followed by mobile phones. But now if I see there has been a transition from box television to flat screen mega size LED/LCD smart TV, from bulky computers to flat panel monitor and from radio to music systems. Mobile phones and laptops were usually owned by office goers but now mobile phones are easily accessed by kids, laptops by teenagers for college projects and Office goers flaunt with the expensive laptops and smartphones.

Talking about Laptops were more designed with bulky and boxy design, with the new age laptops are now designed for comfort and looks. I wanted a laptop which was lightweight for on the go. The laptops which I liked were Apple MacBook Air, Lenovo yoga, HP 360 convertible pc, Asus transformer. After lot of R & D and considering my budget I finalised on HP PAVILION x360 CONVERTIBLE PC.


A light weight laptop which is very good for travelling, basic office work and entertainment.


The laptop can be converted into tablet by opening it 360degree for travelling and comfort.

Lightweight- It weighs only 1.66kgs and has a sleek design.

Powered by Windows 10 and Intel corei3 7th generation enables me with day to day office work.

Memory of 4GB DDR4 and 1TB hard drive, my storage needs are fulfilled.

Integrated HD graphics 620 for my gaming pleasure.

13.3 inch diagonal FHD display with multi touch point for eye pleasing view.

It’s magnificent B&O play, HP audio boost dual speakers gives a robust sound output.

Preinstalled Microsoft office lifetime full version made me start working from day one.

Backlit panel for working in lowlight conditions.

Then it has USB port, SD media card reader, HDMI port etc.




Final Verdict:

Very nice portable laptop with features that combine work and entertain, light weight, sleek design all in my Budget.

Get ahead of crowd with Airtel 4G

Hi everyone!

As clouds have gathered, it’s pouring rain bringing new life to the earth. This teaches us to bring change and lead to a better future. Whenever any change happen we resist then we get to know the benefits we procured from the change so we start enjoying and finally the phase come where we get used to it, start feeling bore and ask for a change. This cycle not only relates to life but in almost many things. There has to be change for survival, for betterment and for progress.

Life goes in a steady pace but one thing which needs change is Technology. Our mind works extremely well if we utilize it in a productive way and when the many minds work well we produce something remarkable. So that’s It! Airtel has got its niche in the telecommunication world.

Today Airtel, one of the four leading telecommunication company has launched 4G nationally. Airtel 4G network is the fastest network ever. As per TVC the speed looks awesome. Watch the television commercial – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpHZ3sXY6B8. Since Technology is in key demand for business, education, for social needs in fact in every thing, why waste time in 3G speed let’s all upgrade to the Airtel 4G speed and you would be astonished to hear that this service is available at 3G rates this breaks all the myths that Airtel 4G is expensive.

Airtel’s new website www.airtel.in/4G guides you through all the offerings. Get started first by having a 4G supporting device. This won’t be difficult as many Smartphone are available with 4G prior it’s arrival. Second get Airtel 4G sim (home delivered free) & a 3G data pack as per your needs. You can request for a sim on the website provided. This is so simple.

I can’t wait getting my hands on the Airtel 4G sim. The 4G speed which I shall possess can be crucial from getting me ahead of my competitors at such a reasonable price. Woohoo!