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TotalSecure+ – More Than Insurance

TotalSecure+ – More Than Insurance

by Samiksha Khapre

Hi Friends,

We are close to the end of Financial year and as to save Tax I usually consider PPF, NSC and insurance policy. This time, however for insurance policy I thought to do some kind of research work. Being a mother of two children, I wanted not just an insurance policy, but a policy which gives protection to me and is secured for my little ones. A plan that gives dual benefits.

I would like to share a couple of incidents which I experienced, one of my office colleague met with a road accident and I was so shivered by her sudden death as life is so unpredictable. We eat healthy food, exercise, have a safe lifestyle but you never know what’s in your destiny. Also, I was so worried for her child’s future. Seriously Insurance Policy can be so helpful and a God Saviour at this time.

One of my neighbouring uncle passed away due to Heart attack. He was the bread earner for the family. His wife had a hard time to pick up a job and give the necessary lifestyle to her kids. The kids who once used to have a pretty good lifestyle, go for outings suddenly had to sacrifice as the high income had stopped thus devastating the whole family. At that time, I decided to have an insurance policy beneficial for my kids to sustain the lifestyle which they now have.

Since I am in my Thirties, I have noticed the changes in my body which restrict me from my routine and make me realize that the stress can make me susceptible to various unforeseen illness which might create a hurdle in my life span. Had it been my neighbour was treated during a heart attack, he could have been with us.

Like I said in the beginning, any product which gives you multiple benefits are most welcomed today. There are people who have separate policy of insurance and medical coverage. But a policy which gives both the benefits is my requirement.

As I was researching Insurance policies, I got one of the Best term plans.

TotalSecure+ by Edelweiss Tokio Life was like a custom-made plan for my need.

It’s a perfect comprehensive protection plan which gives me the dual benefit of Life cover and Critical illness cover.

It gave me various options to choose from:

1: Designing the Plan-

Option 1: Life Cover.

Option 2: Life Cover with ‘Basic Health Cover’ – Covers 7 Critical Illnesses Benefit.

1. Cancer of specified severity (malignant tumor)

2. First Heart Attack – of Specified Severity

3. Surgery to aorta

4. Open Chest CABG

5. Kidney Failure Requiring Regular Dialysis

6. Major Organ/ Bone Marrow Transplant (as recipient)

7. Stroke resulting in permanent symptoms

Option 3: Life Cover with ‘Comprehensive Health Cover’ – Covers 35 Critical Illnesses.

This helps us to combat health issues. Who knows what your health might be in your 60’s. With our busy schedule, fast food has become a part of our life. Right food diets are very difficult to maintain this can give rise to many diseases. It is for us so that we do not have to rely on our children’s income for any critical illness.

2: Depending on the requirement:

Benefit Option 1: Base Sum Assured; or Benefit Options 2 and 3: Base Sum Assured and Critical Illness Sum Assured.

3: Choosing the Policy Term (duration of insurance coverage) and the Premium Payment Term (duration for which I need to pay the premiums) as per my need and convenience. I have the choice of paying throughout the Policy Term (Regular Pay) or for a shorter period (Limited Pay) or only once at the beginning of the Policy (Single Pay). The Policy Term is available till age 80 for Option 1 and till age 75 for Option 2 & 3.

4: Choose death benefit payment mode options as ‘Lump sum’ or ‘Regular Income’ or a Lump sum plus Regular Income. If I opt for regular income, I can decide the period for which my nominee would receive the benefits, i.e. over 3, 5, 10 or 15 years. I can also choose whether I want equal monthly payout or increasing monthly payouts.

Summing up the Benefits of Edelweiss Tokio Life – TotalSecure+

· Flexible premium paying term

· Accelerated critical illness benefit

· Tax benefits

· Regular death benefits payment mode

So with TotalSecure+ I have to pay minimal premium amount, but now I am relieved as there is cover for my Critical illness and my family is secured in case anything unfortunate happens to me.

Smart Planning Towards Tarrakki

Hello Friends,

Like any other common man, I work for a better lifestyle, better education of my kids and a secured future. I dream big and strive to get near my goals, but somehow lay stranded with mere satisfaction. What I realized is when you try to play safe, you are just barely getting the minimum of your expectation. I invest in fixed deposit, Tax saving investment and government securities, but something was missing. When I wanted to invest in Mutual funds/SIP’s my inner guts said “NO” as I saw market crashing, fluctuations in the money market. Whom can we trust and how? Maybe someone who can guide me likes a trustworthy person.

I am cautious investor, and when it comes to investing I was very tentative going for investments in securities, g-Sec, and bonds. I mean, who doesn’t want your investment to grow quickly, but that was not the case with my investments. The growth was there, but very slowly and in today’s fast world mind you, money is needed in all walks of life. Hence, I started exploring for investment solutions.

And then I came across the ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Fund. It is a SIP where I discovered what my money can do if taken care by the hands of experts. They explained it to me very neatly and in simple terms that where my money will go, who are the people handling my money etc. It is very simple and easy to invest in and withdraw the investments which I thought was not necessary as the balanced advantage fund looked very promising. It not only provides me with higher returns for my investments, but also gives me tax benefits and on top of it gives me medical cover, what more can you ask for from your investment. Looking at the expertise they had to handle my money I was satisfied that my money was in safe hands.

We tend to get busy in our daily routine work life as well as personal life. There are so many things we tend to miss because of a busy work schedule. But after knowing that there is someone there to multiply our hard earned money with minimal risk I was contending. I think that those people who find it hard to invest in equity markets and balancing their portfolios this may be a better option for them.

ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Fund:

ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Fund is an Open ended Equity Fund. It aims to make investing easy and less stressful, by allocating your investments between equity and debt instruments as per changing market conditions


·         Offers the benefits of investing in both Equity and Debt instruments

·         Targets to provide month-on-month tax free dividends

·         Allows you to participate in equity markets in a controlled risk

·         Distribution of dividend is subject to approval of trustees and availability of distributable surplus

Who Should Invest?

Investors with an investment horizon of more than 3 years, seeking to create wealth over the long term.

One easy funda to remember while investing is that “Fall less than the Market, Rise more than the Market “but it is easier said than done. Proper evaluation is required to get all the juice out of the stock. Focus of mutual fund is taking lesser risk and thereby giving extra bucks to cash in making investor satisfied.

ADVANTAGES OF ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Fund:


Period ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Fund S&P BSE Sensex %
1st April 15 to 31st March-16 0.7 -10.3 Limits Downside
1st April 14 to 31st March 15 26.6 24.9 Wealth Creation
1st April 13 to 31st March 14 20.3 18.7 Wealth Creation
1st April 12 to 31st March 13 13.2 8.3 Wealth Creation
1st April 11 to 31st March 12 5.7 -10.5 Limits Downside




Since 1st March 2013-total no of Observations 878

Criteria ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Fund S&P BSE Sensex
Minimum returns 6.3% -1.5%
Maximum returns 24.2% 21.9%
Average returns 15.5% 10.3%
Standard Deviation 4.5% 6.2%
Negative observation 0           0% 24          31%
0% to 6% 0        observations 245        observations
6% to 10% 132 121
10% to 15% 242         85% 232         56%
Above 15% 504       observations 256        observations


Suitable for:

·         Long term wealth creation solution

·         A focused large cap equity funds that aims for growth by investing in companies in the large cap category.

Hope you like my post; do let me know if you have any query



Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all schemes related documents carefully.

Golden Moments – Waman Hari Pethe Gold Investment

Golden Moments – Waman Hari Pethe Gold Investment

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Since buying gold is not only for personal use but also people look at it as investments. People buy gold for future requirements as for their children, daughter’s marriage etc.

Last time I told you Waman Hari Pethe is one of the old house in gold jewellery and contemporary designs. From generation my gold requirements are filled from their store. When we had purchased the diamond ring the sales associate introduced One gold scheme which really pulled my interest.

Introduction :-

Golden Moments by Waman Hari Pethe

Option A: 12+1 months, 24+2 months

Members can buy bullion ( coin, wale and biscuits ) or jewellery.

Minimum instalments of 1000 and above can be in multiples of 500.

On completion of 13/26 months one can redeem the amount respectively.

Option B: 11+1 months, 16+2 months, 21+3 months

In this scheme you have to deposit Rs. 1000/-  every month for 11/16/21 months and after 11/16/21 months you can buy jewellery as WHP would add loyalty discount equal to 1/2/3 instalment amount. Lovely isn’t it. Because you will pay 1000/- every month the pinch of paying 18000/- won’t be felt. Additionally you will be getting bonus on your saving. On maturity additional 10% discount on making charges will be given.

Option C: 12 months Freeze Gold Rate

Under this option you can freeze the 24 kt gold rate on the day of payment and with 12 months instalment even if rate increases you will get bullion or jewellery at the freezed rate. Members can avail 10% discount on making charges on maturity.

Pros :-

Easy instalments scheme.

Members can opt out any given time with 3% processing fee.

Bonus on maturity.

10% discount on making charges on maturity.

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Review :-

The scheme is very helpful if you buy gold as an investment and the bonus instalment is like icing on cake.. There are flexible schemes to choose from.

*Investment schemes are subject to terms and conditions , pls read the scheme carefully before investing.