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Dancing – My Fitness Mantra

Dancing – My Fitness Mantra

These days people love watching shows like Nach Baliye, Dance India Dance, also movies like ABCD has brought a dancing craze among youngsters. Dancing has been one of my favorite hobby for all these years. I started dancing from school, participated in college dance events and also did a couple of dances at work place too. I never took dance as a career because my family background was such which believed in secured  jobs.

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I also liked to be fit and healthy, although my body faced issues of being underweight. I joined a gym to gain weight, but ended losing more weight maybe because I did exercise genuinely but failed to give my body the necessary proteins. I like my body to be fit and healthy, but doing exercise was turning a little boring. I had to exercise, but was not getting that satisfaction with routine exercises.

Eventually, many things have changed so has exercise. Nowadays, trends like power yoga, Zumba have elevated the psyche of people. Many gyms have dance classes included in their catalog. I had attended a Zumba class and let me tell you it’s fun doing. You sweat and you enjoy, but it is also exhausting.

Finally, now I have stuck to basic exercises and started dancing as my weekly exercise regime. You must be thinking I’m joking, but no. After all the experiments with exercise I found dancing is my favorite exercise. Here it is why I chose dancing over exercise.


Dancing personally reduces stress syndromes in me and makes me happy . Dancing helps to lift my mood, it gives me a high. Dancing helps physically and mentally. Dancing is a fun way to exercise and stay fit. Although dancing has taken many forms, be it ballet, Salsa, jazz, hip hop, ballroom dance People prefers dancing in local or freestyle. Dance also plays a part in many of our family rituals, functions and celebration. It has no barriers of age, sex, religion or class. Anyone and Everybody can dance. It helps to improve the condition of your heart and lungs. It increases the muscular strength and tones the body, Removes toxins through sweat. Dancing helps in physical and mental well being. Dancing raises one self confidence and self esteem. Dancing in a group motivates team work, synchronization and social needs.

However, there many things one needs to take care before dancing . Do take your doctor consultation for the kind of dance you prefer specially if you are obese or above 40 . Take lots of liquid to keep the body hydrated. Do not stretch dance session for a longer period if you are a beginner. Make sure your body form is right while dancing as wrong dance moves can cause damage. Make sure your attire is not too tight or uncomfortable for dancing. Wear proper attire and shoes pertaining to your dance styles. Enroll yourself in a proper dance class if you are a novice.

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So pals put on your dancing shoes if you really serious about dancing, check out your nearest dance class and make a career, If you are shy start with folk dances like garba with your friends, If you want to reduce stress hit the dance club with your friends and let loose, if you want to ignite your sensual feelings take your partner and engage in couple dance like salsa, jazz, if you want to let yourself free and express go for hip hop. I mean there our various dance forms to suit your needs with the health benefits.

Rock The Dance Floor!