Idylle- Fragrance of Eternal Love

Idylle By Guerlain

Dear Friends

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, I received a prize-winning of a contest held by Guerlain.

Prize as precious and valuable as love.

What is Love?

Love is a feeling, a beautiful feeling which touches all our senses.

Without uttering a word or hearing what we feel is love.

Idylle Eau de Parfum:

Right from the flacon to the inner soul of the fragrance is pure luxurious. It arouses the senses to the most soft and subtle pureness of eternal love.

Flacon is beautifully designed as a drop of love, tear of joy, golden drop.

Idylle is a master piece of Thierry Wasser, successor of Jean Paul Guerlain.

Idylle has Bulgarian roses which are hand plucked at dawn for its scent which is at it’s best. Along with Plessis Robinson Rose and Fruity accent of Litchi and raspberry. It has warmth and sensuousness of white musk and patchouli. Lastly it has light, tender floral bouquet of Lilac, Freesia, Lily of valley, Peony and Jasmine.

I personally like very few floral fragrances but Idylle won my heart. It’s soft lingering fragrance enveloped me into the clouds of love. Every spray is like a shower of flower petals on your body kissing and caressing you with sensuous romantic feeling.

Gift a Idylle for loved one who is special and bring a smile on face.

Buy for yourself if you love the way you are.






Aquarius – Hydration drink review

Aquarius – Hydration drink review-

Guest Post by Ajit

Dear Friends

Yesterday I received a free sample of the Aquarius energy drink at Infinity mall Malad. Curious to know how it would taste, I tried Aquarius. It is an instant hydration drink.

A handy bottle with comfortable grip. Costing just Rs.30 for 400 ml. We lose salt and minerals in our daily chores of life. This causes dehydration and lack of energy and concentration.

Aquarius contains minerals, such as potassium and calcium, also includes antioxidants, which helps to detoxify our body as oxidative stress is a major factor which hampers our performance as well as our body parts including our appearance. It provides the energy of up to 24 Kcal/100 i.e., up to 96 Kcal in 400 ml. Instant energy which keeps you hydrated.

Very essential for people who are fitness freaks, Proactive lifestyle and for One’s who are into marketing or fieldwork as they have to travel a lot and are at risk of dehydration. Our body contains 75% water, hence we need to keep it replenished and we cannot afford to carry a bulky water bottle while we are on the go. Better to have an energy drink handy when we feel low or thirsty rather than opt for a Neembu pani at roadside stalls. Aquarius is a better hygienic choice.

The taste is a mix of lemon and soda with some sweetness in it. Aquarius does not have bitter taste usually which you get in lemon flavoured drinks. After having Aquarius I felt satisfied, I was energized and refreshed and could work some more till lunch time without having that distraction when you’re feeling hungry, it also has minerals which made me feel replenished. Very essential drink during summers. Instantly energies.

Overall Aquarius is a good energy drink at reasonable prices. Worth investing for better gains!



Dancing – My Fitness Mantra

Dancing – My Fitness Mantra

These days people love watching shows like Nach Baliye, Dance India Dance, also movies like ABCD has brought a dancing craze among youngsters. Dancing has been one of my favorite hobby for all these years. I started dancing from school, participated in college dance events and also did a couple of dances at work place too. I never took dance as a career because my family background was such which believed in secured  jobs.

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I also liked to be fit and healthy, although my body faced issues of being underweight. I joined a gym to gain weight, but ended losing more weight maybe because I did exercise genuinely but failed to give my body the necessary proteins. I like my body to be fit and healthy, but doing exercise was turning a little boring. I had to exercise, but was not getting that satisfaction with routine exercises.

Eventually, many things have changed so has exercise. Nowadays, trends like power yoga, Zumba have elevated the psyche of people. Many gyms have dance classes included in their catalog. I had attended a Zumba class and let me tell you it’s fun doing. You sweat and you enjoy, but it is also exhausting.

Finally, now I have stuck to basic exercises and started dancing as my weekly exercise regime. You must be thinking I’m joking, but no. After all the experiments with exercise I found dancing is my favorite exercise. Here it is why I chose dancing over exercise.


Dancing personally reduces stress syndromes in me and makes me happy . Dancing helps to lift my mood, it gives me a high. Dancing helps physically and mentally. Dancing is a fun way to exercise and stay fit. Although dancing has taken many forms, be it ballet, Salsa, jazz, hip hop, ballroom dance People prefers dancing in local or freestyle. Dance also plays a part in many of our family rituals, functions and celebration. It has no barriers of age, sex, religion or class. Anyone and Everybody can dance. It helps to improve the condition of your heart and lungs. It increases the muscular strength and tones the body, Removes toxins through sweat. Dancing helps in physical and mental well being. Dancing raises one self confidence and self esteem. Dancing in a group motivates team work, synchronization and social needs.

However, there many things one needs to take care before dancing . Do take your doctor consultation for the kind of dance you prefer specially if you are obese or above 40 . Take lots of liquid to keep the body hydrated. Do not stretch dance session for a longer period if you are a beginner. Make sure your body form is right while dancing as wrong dance moves can cause damage. Make sure your attire is not too tight or uncomfortable for dancing. Wear proper attire and shoes pertaining to your dance styles. Enroll yourself in a proper dance class if you are a novice.

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So pals put on your dancing shoes if you really serious about dancing, check out your nearest dance class and make a career, If you are shy start with folk dances like garba with your friends, If you want to reduce stress hit the dance club with your friends and let loose, if you want to ignite your sensual feelings take your partner and engage in couple dance like salsa, jazz, if you want to let yourself free and express go for hip hop. I mean there our various dance forms to suit your needs with the health benefits.

Rock The Dance Floor!

My Chota Bheem Shreyas

Hey Friends!

I know you must be wondering who is Shreyas. Shreyas is my 5 year old son who is a great fan of Chota Bheem and he likes to be called as Chota Bheem. He has a collection of Chota Bheem be it School Bag, Tiffin Box, T-shirts etc. I try to mix his collection with Ben 10 and Ganesha as well, so that he should not be too obsessed with Chota Bheem. All he likes is to fight like Chota Bheem  and watch his shows. This was making me little irritating as I wanted my son to see, play enjoy other things in life too. He was fussy in his eating habits which was the worrying part.

My son is emotionally attached to me and we share a bond beyond a mother son relationship. Being a mother, I switch roles from being a teacher and coach while he is studying, friends and best buddies while we are playing, dancing and a caring mother while eating food, making him sleep. I can’t completely be strict or be completely casual in treating him. If you are strict your kids will never open up to you, they will tend to hide things may be good or bad, they will obey your orders but will be scared of you. If you are casual with your kids, they enjoy your company, open up things with you, but can take you for granted and might not respect you. So you need to take a role which is best suited for the situation.

Working parents spend very few hours with the kids so during the working days I prefer to be very kind and caring with kids as they don’t see me the entire day  and I cannot close the day with scolding them but instead I talk to them and listen to their stories. But if I am having my work off I spend my day with the kids and do  talk to them if they have done wrong and lastly scold them if the need arises.

I thought to take my son’s weakness to bring changes. I told him if he eats all the food in his plate, he will become strong and healthy like Chota bheem. He finishes his homework as I told him that Chota bheem is very smart because he completes his homework. Chota bheem likes to play with his friends and likes to dance. Alas, some changes have happened since then. Now Shreyas have sometimes kelloggs Chocos for breakfast, eats his food without fuss, completes his homework. He helps me while we weekly clean the house, when we get the grocery he stacks the soaps in line of washing clothes soaps, washing utensils soaps and bathing soaps.

I saw this ad of Kellogg’s chocos and a smile unconsciously came on my face as I totally related myself with it.


Live The Healthy Life with Dabur Honey

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Going down the memory lane I remember the time I spend at my native place. The visit in the forest, food cooked on chula, fresh environment. My granny used to give us fresh fruits like mangoes, jackfruit, chickoo and yes how can I forget the honey syrup. It has also been used in various medicinal traditions to treat ailments. At my native place people collect natural honey which are used for medicinal purposes like for treating cough a mixture of tea spoon with turmeric powder is taken early in the morning.  As people are becoming more health conscious Honey is taking an important place.

Honey  is a sweet food made by bees using nectar from flowers.

The variety produced by honey bees (the genus Apis) is the one most commonly referred to, as it is the type of honey collected by most beekeepers and consumed by people. Honeys are also produced by bumblebees, stingless bees, and other insects such as honey wasps, though the quantity is generally lower and they have slightly different properties compared to honey from the genus Apis. Honey bees convert nectar into honey by a process of regurgitation and evaporation. They store it as a primary food source in wax honey combs inside the beehive.

Honey gets its sweetness from the fructose and glucose, and has about the same relative sweetness as sugar. It has attractive chemical properties for baking and a distinctive flavor that leads some people to prefer it over sugar and other sweeteners.

Although getting the honey every time from native place is little cumbersome so I had to look out options in city . There are many brands which claim to be very good in terms of its authenticity but I had to choose.


Dabur is one of the leading company when you talk about honey. The brand has many other products in hair care, body care, ayurvedic products etc. It is 4th largest FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods)  company. And definitely to hold such momentum for so many years is really worth praising.

Dabur honey holds the 75% of market share in honey market.


Some of the benefits of Honey:-

1) 1 teaspoon of honey with warm water with few drops of lemon helps to reduce excess fats and makes you  slim.

2) Since honey has the equal properties of sweetening as sugar and have less calories than sugar, it is preferred natural sweetener.

3) Honey contains essential nutrients , enzymes as compared to sugar, it is healthier and easily digested by our body.

4) Honey can be used in beverages, snacks, food items.

Honey is one of essentials in the kitchen and with it’s various benefits one cannot overlook honey.

I relish my honey on the bread as a spread.

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There is this really cool site by Dabur for Honey Diet.  . Go through the site and you will definitely end up buying honey.

I personally prefer a Healthy balanced diet so my diet do consist of veggies in meals, fish and meat generally Thrice a week, Sweets I relish during occasion and celebration. I am not to fussy with food so I enjoy all the vegetables, dals. Also I consume less Oily or fried food. And after days of my consistant eating habits My BMI is always normal. Yipee!

I am not a diet person because I believe Control is very important in anything you do. So if you never cared about eating and only when an important event arise you become conscious of your weight and go for crash diet its insane from my point of view. Our body require many things like carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, minerals, nutrients and water . So our diet should consist of everything in the required quantity.

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Proud Being Woman

Proud Being Woman!

Hey Everyone
I came into this world, was pampered and loved by all. All my wishes were fulfilled by my parents be it Barbie doll, Expensive clothes, Delicious food, Casio keyboard, toys etc. I was enjoying life to the fullest with family and friends. Until one day I came from school and as I went to freshen up in the washroom, I was shocked to see blood. I was frightened, wondering I got major illness or have hurt while playing. I was blank for a moment. I peeped from the door, called my mother and told her my state. Very coolly she went and gave me to use a pad. I asked her what was it? She said it is what girls get for every month for 4-5 days. Clueless and shocked all my happiness waded in thin air. I now hated to be born as a girl. The days passed by in the depression. Thankfully, in my school there was a lecture on sex education which benefited me. So what is the fuss?
Let’s understand what Periods are scientifically.
A woman produces egg from the ovaries every month. Every month or so, the uterus lining gets thicker to prepare for a fertilized egg if the woman becomes pregnant. If the egg doesn’t get fertilized, that lining is released from the body as blood through the vagina. This tissue comes from the uterus, which is where a baby (fetus) can develop in the female body. A period is when a woman’s body releases this tissue it no longer needs. This monthly process is called menstruation or a period.

So you know how periods are important for a girl. Periods are no longer a shame. . After I started using Whisper, I went to college, joined NCC and trust me, I did everything from attending trekking camps, rifle shooting, cross country, drills even in those 5 days without any hesitation. Recently, the brand shared some samples of their new improved product, Whisper Ultra clean. As a blogger who writes solely basis experience and strict background check, I waited to see how and why it’s unique. To explain “how”, it was a comfortable experience to wear for those long hours when I was on the run during periods. Its strong fragrance kept me covered and confident. Besides, its length and 1000 holes that give it its super absorbing power, makes this product 5 times more effective than any regular sanitary napkin. Quite impressive, ain’t it?

For “why”, due credit goes to Whisper who has researched to give women a comfort during periods by launching products as per the needs. Whisper ultra clean gives 100% wet less and odor protection. 1000 suction holes in dry weave sheet give a fresh feeling for the entire day. Girls you not only own 25 days in a month, but with Whisper power you also #OwnThose5Days.
This post is neither about men vs woman, nor about women’s superiority. It is about respect. A girl goes through mood swings during periods, sometimes bear the pain (cramps) but she accepts it with courage. Today I am a working woman doing all the chores of life. I have no regret to be born as a girl in fact, I am proud being woman.

badgeTry the Whisper sample. Do follow Whisper on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for new product launches.

P.S. Own Those 5 Days

P.S. Own Those 5 Days

Hey Lovelies

Last week I attended P & G Whisper Event to celebrate the launch of The All New Whisper Ultra with the versatile bollywood actress Kalki Koechlin, along with reputed gynecologist Dr. Nandita Palshatkar and Whisper R & D expert Mr. Chetan Kotyalkar. It was a wonderful afternoon hangout hosted by Stand-up comedian Aditi Mittal. She made sure to keep the environment fun & lively whilst speaking about sensitive issues like menstrual cycle & female hygiene to avoid any awkwardness. It was also very interesting to know Kalki Koechlin’s perspective on those five days and how she dealt with it then and her tips to own those five days now.  We also got an opportunity to interact with Gynecologist Dr. Nandita Palshetkar & Whisper’s R&D expert Chetan Kotyalkar. Chetan Kotyalkar also demonstrated how Whisper ultra clean is better than the regular pads in the market.


The event was to break the myths of Periods and motivating enough for you to #OwnThose5Days.

Myths – Do not touch the pickle.

Well there is no harm in touching the pickle as there is no scientific reason to not touch.

Myth-Heavy exercise increases flow.

We can do exercise even in our periods like Zumba.


Taking Care:

  • Check your period cycle so you know when your next period is.
  • Always keep a pad handy.
  • Since during periods we lose lot of water, we need to hydrate our body sufficiently.
  • During periods you lose water so hydrate well, at least 6-7 glasses of water.
  • Eat lots of fruits and green vegetables to maintain proper diet.
  • During periods we have PMS- Pre menstrual syndrome which creates mood swings.
  • So control your moods and don’t panic.
  • Distress yourself by listening to music or any recreational outing.
  • Don’t wear tight fitting clothes to avoid discomfort.
  • Accept period as natural phenomena and deal with it carefully.
  • Maintain proper hygiene.

It was demoed to us how Whisper’s newly launched the all new ultra clean sanitary pad gives you 5 times more protection than ordinary pads. 100% wet less and odorless protection. Whisper Ultra Clean range of pads is longer than ordinary pads to give you all day long lasting protection.

The restrictions like No running, no jumping, no wishes, no going out, no stretching your leg are no more to follow. These are norms that a woman on her period believes. but in fact, these are nothing but precautions to avoid pad failure. these rules stay true for an ordinary pad that may leak, shift, or bunch. That’s why you need a superior period protection.

Whisper Ultra Clean helps you break these norms and ensures that nothing can hold you back. Not even your period. Its unique design with superior protection locks up to 100% wetness and even locks odour. So be unstoppable. Multiply success. Follow your passion. Cross over to the happier side of life. With Whisper Ultra Clean by your side, kadam badhaye jaa!

So now just don’t enjoy 25 days of a month.

P.S. Own Those 5 Days

badgeTry the Whisper Sample. Do follow Whisper on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for new product launches.

Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Hello Readers!

Recently I visited Kromakay Salon for my Hair treatment. With a warm welcome the attendant guided to the hair expert. The expert Analysed my scalp, hair texture, asked my hair care routine, and then recommended the Moroccanoil treatment. Initially he washed my hair with Moroccanoil extra volume shampoo. After towel dry he applied the Moroccanoil Weightless mask all over the hair and with soothing massage of 30 mins washed my hair followed with blow dry and styling with moroccanoil root boost mousse. The hair treatment worked magic on my transforming my dull, stressed hair into shiny and smooth hair. Just loved the mesmerizing experience!

Today I shall review the luxurious Morocanoil Extra volume shampoo and conditioner. Here we go



Moroccanoil extra volume shampoo and conditioner is for fine hair to give extra volume and body to the hair for easy manageability and shine.


Moroccanoil extra volume shampoo comes in a blue colour bottle with white flipcover cap whereas the conditioner comes in white colour bottle with white flipcover cap.


Moroccanoil shampoo and conditioner contains the antioxidant argan oil and nutrients to cleanse, detangle and gives shine, body and manageability to hair. The moroccanoil formula are sulphate, phosphate and paraben free so very safe for hair and environment. It also does not contain sodium chloride so very safe for keratin treated hair.


Shampoo- Take adequate quantity onto palm. add water to activate the shampoo into rich lather. Massage onto hair and rinse with water. Repeat wash if required.

Conditioner- Remove excess water from hair. Apply the conditioner from root to ends. Leave it for couple of minutes and rinse thoroughly.


On Request for 250 ml.


The Moroccan extra volume shampoo and conditioner are perfect solution for my hair, as my hair is fine, light coloured and dull with less volume. Moroccan oil shampoo gently cleansed my hair imparting freshness and life to my dull hair whereas the conditioner gave shine and easy manageability to the hair.

The products are expensive simply because it contains the original Argan oil and nutrients in luxurious formulation. Also after knowing the brands history and authenticity of the products my trust towards brand was build.

The products are available at Taj, Kromakay, Jean Claude biguine and well known salons simply because the brand wants people to have expert advice and guidance before one uses at home.

What I liked about the products is the formulation as it does not chemicals which are harmful to our hair and environment.

Final Verdict:

As I always say if you have money to splurge on luxurious products you can definitely go for this duo. If you very selective in your hair care product, you can first have a Moroccan treatment for your hair from the salon to pamper your hair from experts and get to know the products before buying:)

Waman Hari Pethe Diamond Ring Review

Waman Hari Pethe Diamond Ring Review

Diamond is a woman’s best friend! Since gold is old and diamonds are new, the trend of gold is losing pace. Women prefer diamonds now as it gives a sophisticated appearance and a lot of variety is available. Most of the gold houses are now having special diamond stores to cater to the needs of the diamond jewellery. One such store which has been changing with changing times is Waman Hari Pethe (WHP). My in laws have most of the jewellery purchased from them followed with my husband and now I have couple of purchases done in diamonds.

Recently I was gifted by my husband with this Diamond ring from WHP. I must say it is indeed an attractive piece.

Packaging :-

The diamond ring came with small box packing with attached lid. Alongwith the ring came authenticity  certificate of the diamonds and the invoice.


Appearance :-

The ring is simple and elegant with round shape set with 42 small diamonds. The design is unique as the diamonds are set in white gold giving it luxurious look.


Review :-

As you can know people buy gold as investments and diamond are little risky as the exchange value is less but WHP gives 100% exchange value on diamonds if you buy jewellery in exchange from their store.This assured me that my money is valued. The Diamond ring has definitely won my heart.

Price :-



Being Cool In Summers

Being Cool In Summers

Dear Viewers

Summer heat is catching us and before we are succumbed to its vulnerable deeds let’s get geared for this vacation season. When we were kids our parents really took care of us by giving us reminder to wear caps, keep that water bottle in our bags, gave us fruit in our lunch box. But as we grew older with our hectic lifestyle we started ignoring our health and faced the circumstances by falling sick and drained out of energy. So here our few tips to keep you cool and composed in summers!

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Hydration – Summers tend to drain out liquids from our body, so drink lots of water atleast 6-8 glasses of water or hydrate your body with fruits like watermelons, berries, kiwi, oranges etc. or  juices. Avoid aerated drinks and coffee.

images (2)

Diet – Your diet should be very simple with less spice and sour as the digestion is poor in this season. have salads with cucumber in larger portions. Go for green vegetables and pulses.

images (5)

Apparels – Clothing should be light coloured especially white, creams, pastels shades are preferred. Avoid black and darker shaded clothes as these tend to absorb heat. Cotton materials are very good in these season as these are breathable material. Tees, shorts, skirts are trendy in this season.

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Sun protectors – Apply sun screens for face and body because sun emits UVA and UVB rays which are harmful for us. UVA rays penetrate into our skin and cause pre mature ageing and UVB rays cause burns and pigmentation. Sunscreens spf levels vary upon your sun exposure so choose the right one and re apply after 3-4 hrs if you sweat or perspire. Wear sunglasses for that cool look and eye protection.

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Vacation – Plan a trip with family or friends as this brings you closer to your family and nature, also it lowers your stress level.

images (8)

Exercise – A early morning walk and a serene night walk after dinner can help your body metabolism to be active thereby draining toxins. if you are dislike exercise then opt for games, brisk walks or dance.

images (9)

Skincare – Wash you face atleast twice or thrice in a day to get rid of the dust and impurities followed with a toner.Wear light moisturizer even if you have oily skin. Exfoliate twice a week to remove dead skin layer following with cool herbal face packs for that lovely skin.

So these tips should help you in enjoying the summers.

Happy Summer!

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