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Aquarius – Hydration drink review

Aquarius – Hydration drink review-

Guest Post by Ajit

Dear Friends

Yesterday I received a free sample of the Aquarius energy drink at Infinity mall Malad. Curious to know how it would taste, I tried Aquarius. It is an instant hydration drink.

A handy bottle with comfortable grip. Costing just Rs.30 for 400 ml. We lose salt and minerals in our daily chores of life. This causes dehydration and lack of energy and concentration.

Aquarius contains minerals, such as potassium and calcium, also includes antioxidants, which helps to detoxify our body as oxidative stress is a major factor which hampers our performance as well as our body parts including our appearance. It provides the energy of up to 24 Kcal/100 i.e., up to 96 Kcal in 400 ml. Instant energy which keeps you hydrated.

Very essential for people who are fitness freaks, Proactive lifestyle and for One’s who are into marketing or fieldwork as they have to travel a lot and are at risk of dehydration. Our body contains 75% water, hence we need to keep it replenished and we cannot afford to carry a bulky water bottle while we are on the go. Better to have an energy drink handy when we feel low or thirsty rather than opt for a Neembu pani at roadside stalls. Aquarius is a better hygienic choice.

The taste is a mix of lemon and soda with some sweetness in it. Aquarius does not have bitter taste usually which you get in lemon flavoured drinks. After having Aquarius I felt satisfied, I was energized and refreshed and could work some more till lunch time without having that distraction when you’re feeling hungry, it also has minerals which made me feel replenished. Very essential drink during summers. Instantly energies.

Overall Aquarius is a good energy drink at reasonable prices. Worth investing for better gains!






Hi Friends,

With the new Generation technology is growing in leaps and bounds, when I was a kid we had box TV, bulky computers, radio later followed by mobile phones. But now if I see there has been a transition from box television to flat screen mega size LED/LCD smart TV, from bulky computers to flat panel monitor and from radio to music systems. Mobile phones and laptops were usually owned by office goers but now mobile phones are easily accessed by kids, laptops by teenagers for college projects and Office goers flaunt with the expensive laptops and smartphones.

Talking about Laptops were more designed with bulky and boxy design, with the new age laptops are now designed for comfort and looks. I wanted a laptop which was lightweight for on the go. The laptops which I liked were Apple MacBook Air, Lenovo yoga, HP 360 convertible pc, Asus transformer. After lot of R & D and considering my budget I finalised on HP PAVILION x360 CONVERTIBLE PC.


A light weight laptop which is very good for travelling, basic office work and entertainment.


The laptop can be converted into tablet by opening it 360degree for travelling and comfort.

Lightweight- It weighs only 1.66kgs and has a sleek design.

Powered by Windows 10 and Intel corei3 7th generation enables me with day to day office work.

Memory of 4GB DDR4 and 1TB hard drive, my storage needs are fulfilled.

Integrated HD graphics 620 for my gaming pleasure.

13.3 inch diagonal FHD display with multi touch point for eye pleasing view.

It’s magnificent B&O play, HP audio boost dual speakers gives a robust sound output.

Preinstalled Microsoft office lifetime full version made me start working from day one.

Backlit panel for working in lowlight conditions.

Then it has USB port, SD media card reader, HDMI port etc.




Final Verdict:

Very nice portable laptop with features that combine work and entertain, light weight, sleek design all in my Budget.

Smart Planning Towards Tarrakki

Hello Friends,

Like any other common man, I work for a better lifestyle, better education of my kids and a secured future. I dream big and strive to get near my goals, but somehow lay stranded with mere satisfaction. What I realized is when you try to play safe, you are just barely getting the minimum of your expectation. I invest in fixed deposit, Tax saving investment and government securities, but something was missing. When I wanted to invest in Mutual funds/SIP’s my inner guts said “NO” as I saw market crashing, fluctuations in the money market. Whom can we trust and how? Maybe someone who can guide me likes a trustworthy person.

I am cautious investor, and when it comes to investing I was very tentative going for investments in securities, g-Sec, and bonds. I mean, who doesn’t want your investment to grow quickly, but that was not the case with my investments. The growth was there, but very slowly and in today’s fast world mind you, money is needed in all walks of life. Hence, I started exploring for investment solutions.

And then I came across the ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Fund. It is a SIP where I discovered what my money can do if taken care by the hands of experts. They explained it to me very neatly and in simple terms that where my money will go, who are the people handling my money etc. It is very simple and easy to invest in and withdraw the investments which I thought was not necessary as the balanced advantage fund looked very promising. It not only provides me with higher returns for my investments, but also gives me tax benefits and on top of it gives me medical cover, what more can you ask for from your investment. Looking at the expertise they had to handle my money I was satisfied that my money was in safe hands.

We tend to get busy in our daily routine work life as well as personal life. There are so many things we tend to miss because of a busy work schedule. But after knowing that there is someone there to multiply our hard earned money with minimal risk I was contending. I think that those people who find it hard to invest in equity markets and balancing their portfolios this may be a better option for them.

ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Fund:

ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Fund is an Open ended Equity Fund. It aims to make investing easy and less stressful, by allocating your investments between equity and debt instruments as per changing market conditions


·         Offers the benefits of investing in both Equity and Debt instruments

·         Targets to provide month-on-month tax free dividends

·         Allows you to participate in equity markets in a controlled risk

·         Distribution of dividend is subject to approval of trustees and availability of distributable surplus

Who Should Invest?

Investors with an investment horizon of more than 3 years, seeking to create wealth over the long term.

One easy funda to remember while investing is that “Fall less than the Market, Rise more than the Market “but it is easier said than done. Proper evaluation is required to get all the juice out of the stock. Focus of mutual fund is taking lesser risk and thereby giving extra bucks to cash in making investor satisfied.

ADVANTAGES OF ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Fund:


Period ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Fund S&P BSE Sensex %
1st April 15 to 31st March-16 0.7 -10.3 Limits Downside
1st April 14 to 31st March 15 26.6 24.9 Wealth Creation
1st April 13 to 31st March 14 20.3 18.7 Wealth Creation
1st April 12 to 31st March 13 13.2 8.3 Wealth Creation
1st April 11 to 31st March 12 5.7 -10.5 Limits Downside




Since 1st March 2013-total no of Observations 878

Criteria ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Fund S&P BSE Sensex
Minimum returns 6.3% -1.5%
Maximum returns 24.2% 21.9%
Average returns 15.5% 10.3%
Standard Deviation 4.5% 6.2%
Negative observation 0           0% 24          31%
0% to 6% 0        observations 245        observations
6% to 10% 132 121
10% to 15% 242         85% 232         56%
Above 15% 504       observations 256        observations


Suitable for:

·         Long term wealth creation solution

·         A focused large cap equity funds that aims for growth by investing in companies in the large cap category.

Hope you like my post; do let me know if you have any query



Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all schemes related documents carefully.