My Chota Bheem Shreyas

Hey Friends!

I know you must be wondering who is Shreyas. Shreyas is my 5 year old son who is a great fan of Chota Bheem and he likes to be called as Chota Bheem. He has a collection of Chota Bheem be it School Bag, Tiffin Box, T-shirts etc. I try to mix his collection with Ben 10 and Ganesha as well, so that he should not be too obsessed with Chota Bheem. All he likes is to fight like Chota Bheem  and watch his shows. This was making me little irritating as I wanted my son to see, play enjoy other things in life too. He was fussy in his eating habits which was the worrying part.

My son is emotionally attached to me and we share a bond beyond a mother son relationship. Being a mother, I switch roles from being a teacher and coach while he is studying, friends and best buddies while we are playing, dancing and a caring mother while eating food, making him sleep. I can’t completely be strict or be completely casual in treating him. If you are strict your kids will never open up to you, they will tend to hide things may be good or bad, they will obey your orders but will be scared of you. If you are casual with your kids, they enjoy your company, open up things with you, but can take you for granted and might not respect you. So you need to take a role which is best suited for the situation.

Working parents spend very few hours with the kids so during the working days I prefer to be very kind and caring with kids as they don’t see me the entire day  and I cannot close the day with scolding them but instead I talk to them and listen to their stories. But if I am having my work off I spend my day with the kids and do  talk to them if they have done wrong and lastly scold them if the need arises.

I thought to take my son’s weakness to bring changes. I told him if he eats all the food in his plate, he will become strong and healthy like Chota bheem. He finishes his homework as I told him that Chota bheem is very smart because he completes his homework. Chota bheem likes to play with his friends and likes to dance. Alas, some changes have happened since then. Now Shreyas have sometimes kelloggs Chocos for breakfast, eats his food without fuss, completes his homework. He helps me while we weekly clean the house, when we get the grocery he stacks the soaps in line of washing clothes soaps, washing utensils soaps and bathing soaps.

I saw this ad of Kellogg’s chocos and a smile unconsciously came on my face as I totally related myself with it.


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